Oil Paintings: online buying tips

Oil Paintings epitomize art and innocence. They are a unique way to express your inner side, thoughts, or ideas. So if you are also considering decorating your house with some great art work, you can find many perfect Discount Oil Paintings through the internet. There you can find numerous options of historical and modern paintings, which you can get reproduced for your house.

Ask about the techniques being used – Some dealers sell computer printed photos on canvas which are touched up with oil paints. These can never have the grace and presence of the real “stroke by stroke” oil paintings. So, once the company guarantees about the techniques being followed while creating your art piece, it is worth making a purchase.

Ask for the name of the artist – There are many known artists who produce paintings for art companies. So if you can get the information about the artists working on your masterpiece, it will be easier for you to make sure you are getting a genuine painting. You can check the name of the artist and reviews about his past work on the internet.

Look for genuine address and contact numbers – This applies to any purchase you make online. A genuine company name and address can be verified through online business directories. This might also get you the information about how long has the company being operating.

Make sure that you get a complete painting – Some dealers do not complete varnishing and stretch the painting before delivering the order. So, make sure that the dealer commits on delivering a completely finished painting, ready to decorate your house.

Accurate time line for delivering the painting – Since the Oil Painting Reproduction require time, it is reasonable if the dealer asks for 10-15 days for delivery time. Even if the time requested by dealer is more, it is essential that a strict deadline is committed by them.

Check if the website has a secure payment server – A simple way of making sure of secure online payment is to check the URL (website address – www.) of the payment page. Recommend a safe and professional oil painting Web sites, please visit: http://www.topoilpainting.com.

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