Impedance Analyzer

Impedance Analyzer / Horn analyzer is mainly used for piezoelectricity element impedance analysis and parameter calculation. Before using piezoelectricity element, you need to know its major parameters: resonance frequency Fs, antiresonance frequency Fa, half point power F1 and F2, the max. admittance Gmax, direct capacitance C0, dynamic resistance (R1, C1, L1), free capacitance CT, free dielectric constant 33T,mechanical quality factor Qm, electromechanical coupling factor Keff, plane electromechanical coupling factor Kp and so on.


Impedance Analyzer  HS70A (Improved)
Frequency Range 1KHz~500KHz
Basic Accuracy < 1%
 Scan Speed 10 seconds for each piece (equivalent to 600 scan dots)
Frequency Accuracy ±15 ppm
Phase Accuracy 0.15 degree
Temperature Range 10~40 degree Celsius
Impedance Range 0.1Ω~1MΩ
Frequency Step 0.1Hz to Any
Measure Items Resonance Frequency: Fs
Half Power Frequency: F1 and F2
Maximum real admittance at Fs: Gmax
Dynamic Resistance: R1
Anti resonance frequency: Fp
Mechanical quality factor: Qm
Free capacitance: CT
Dynamic inductance: L1
Dynamic capacitance: C1
Static capacitance: Co
electromechanical coupling coefficient: Keff and Kp
Maximum real impedance at Fp: Zmax
Measure Diagram G,B-F
G-B (admittance circle coordinate)
R-X (impedance circle coordinate)
Amplification piezoelectric ceramic, ultrasonic transducer, power ultrasonic,ultrasonic weld, ultrasonic clean, ultrasonic sensor
HS70A (Improved) Impedance Analyzer(1KHz~500KHz)Including:
Clip lead, Mains lead (220V/110V, 50/60 Hz), RS232 Lead, USB2. 0 to RS232 cable,
Ceramic-specific clipper, PiezoView PC Software(English), User Manual(English), Calibration Certificate

This instrument can measure admittance characteristic curve of piezoelectricity element (the admittance is equal to reciprocal of impedance) and analyze and extractthe above needed parameters. With this instrument, you can gain four characteristic curves of piezoelectricity element (admittance characteristic graph, impedancecharacteristic graph, admittance coordinate graph, impedance coordinate graph).
Moreover, it is easy to save and print the measured result.

This instrument combines the hardware and PC software for impedance analysis. The hardware system finishes impedance measure, and the PC software finishes impedance analysis and parameter extraction power.

This instrument is used for guiding piezoelectricity element’s testing and using.It is a synthetic solution of piezoelectricity element’s measurement and analysis.Moreover, it can evaluate and test parameters of the piezoelectricity element.

Impedance analyzer is widely applied in ultrasonic industries,including ultrasonic plastic welder, ultrasonic cleaner, ultrasonic transducer,ultrasonic electro machining, underwater acoustic transducer, ultrasonic sensor, piezoelectric ceramic, parking sensor, medical ultrasonic device, ultrasonic scaling device, ultrasonic horn, ultrasonic welding head, ultrasonic grinder, and ultrasonic emulsor.

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