Glass Message Board for Hospital

Hospital glass message board is helping to improve patient communication and satisfaction with hospital. Blessing Glass Message Board is a kind of printed dry erase board made of electronic tempered glass, which strength is 6 to 7 times of normal glass. The printed information template on glass dry erase board could be customized.You are allow to customized any sizes within 1.2M width, 4M Length and 770 colors are available for printed dry erase board.

Glass Message Board Dry Erase Boards provide an easy way to communicate between nurse and their patients and families. Tempered safety glass is ideal for use in any environment without leaving any stainning and ghosting. Glass provides smooth writability and erasability with modern and smart style. Hidden mounting brackets keep clean lines and make the board easy to use.

The stainning free and never-ghosting glass message board could be used forever in hospital. It helps hospital save costs of regularly buying a new traditional message board to replace the old ghosting traditional dry erase board.

Not only a glass message board is suitable for hospital, but also a glass whiteboard will be best for hospital presentation and meeting. And some health knowledge could also be printed on glass board for a good publicity to keep forever.

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