Suggestions for modern home decorate

Modern house decoration is characterized by a simple and economical and practical, wall color, interior lighting and wall oil painting decorations final selection is very important.

Wall decorations.
To live up the modern interior, you can hang Cheap Oil Paintings or pictures on white walls. Remember to choose only modern ones. Nowadays architects suggest to hang Modern Oil Paintings presenting different motives, pop art canvas prints with sharp courageous colors or famous paintings of well known painters like Picasso, Klimt, Monet. Remember that also frames should well fit in the modern interiors.

What colors are used in modern design?
The key color which is also the base for room decorations is white. White emphasizes the elegant, pure and brightness of the room and at the same time creates a background for furniture. White has also different color tones, it can be matt, glary or pale bright. You can choose two kinds of white paint to decorate one interior e.g. walls without windows may be painted with darker white than walls with windows, this trick will “open” the space of your room.

The light is important.
Typically, decorative items are not what the owners need in the apartment because modern interior simplicity rules out exaggerated decorations. The character of the interior is determined by spatial solutions, architecture, and not things. What makes the interior cozy climate is light, for which the color white is also a  great background. Choose several spot to install reflectors, lamps, LEDs to highlight the important places in rooms. One traditional spot of light will make the room feel darker and boring.

Neutral, white colors.
The apartment is the background for everyday objects. Architects for modern interior chose neutral materials. The floor is like a mirror, therefore it is good to choose appropriate, shining wood floor so that furniture and white walls will look light and shiny.  Choose simple, beige or white sofa and add some fancy, colorful pillows. You have to put on minimalism, because the modern fashion is more strict.

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