You need to know five things about oil paints

Whether Abstract Oil Paintings or Modern Oil Paintings need to use the best paint materials. Oil paints are the most commonly used paints in paintings. Every artist loves the appearance and texture of this and an innumerable results that can be got from using them. Some of the most famous works have been done using oil paints and we all know how they have lasted for centuries.

1) First and foremost they take a lot of time for drying. Any artist would find this good as this gives them more time to edit and repair any mistakes but this is not the same if you have a commissioned work to be completed on time!

2) Using this paint sometimes is a disadvantage for some as there are chances of pets showing their true love while you are painting! Children and pets, winds and rains all are factors which make you regret the decision as they take more time for drying.

3) Blending also sometimes becomes a big issue when the colour is required in large quantities to cover a large area. One has to plan beforehand other wise we end up with different patches of the same colour. This gives a very bad result unless you are painting for joy and you will definitely get an abstract work!

4) They are costlier than the other types of paints. Whenever you go to purchase paints there is a noticeable difference in costs in water based paints and oil based ones. So whatever you are planning to do in oil paints do take into consideration your budget. No wonder oil paintings are costlier than water colour works though there are exceptions of some sketches of very famous artists that have a good price value.

5) Using canvas for painting or oil sketch paper as plain paper will absorb oil and stain. For any painting to be good the correct base is required to give good results. Oil paints require special bases on which these paints can be used.

Any artist would like to have their works remain for many years and oil paints are definitely here to last. More Oil Paintings, please visit

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