What is Plastic Injection Mold?

PTMS is a professional high quality custom plastic injection mold and precision injection molding parts manufacturer in ShenZhen, China. As an ISO9001-2008 certified plastic injection molder, we have many years experience in injection mold and molding parts.

Plastic injection mold and molding parts are very popular, but some people do not know what is plastic injection mold and molding parts? So we will tell you some knowledge about this as below:

What is plastic injection mold?

An injection mold is the tool that a material is injected into to make an injection molding. Typically this is a thermoplastic although other materials can be formed using injection molding. The rest of my answer relates to plastic injection molds as this is my 20170528125119_57344area of expertise. Mold tools are pretty costly precision machined items. As well as machining out the form of the component that is required (with a shrinkage factor as plastic shrinks after it is injected into the tool) they also have to include some form of ejection system to enable the part to be removed from the mold (typically an arrangement of pins that are moved by a hydraulic action on the injection molding machine) and some method of heating/cooling to control the temperature of the mold (typically drilled channels in the tool to allow water or oil at a preset temperature to pass through the tool although electric heaters can be used (an inferior system in my opinion but can be cheaper)) Depending on the geometry of the part to be made tools can incorporate various “actions” which are basically bits of tool that move either before, during or after the tool opens. These can either be powered by hydraulics or by the movement of the tool as it opens. Tools can be made from Aluminum for low volume or prototype molds, ore-toughened steel (P20) for mid volume (up to a few million parts)or hardened steel. In reality the choice of tool material is largely dictated by the choice of plastic, glass filled materials and high temperature materials tend to be very aggressive and a P20 tool may only last for a few hundred parts with the most aggressive materials.

We can also discuss the more details if somebody like to know more about injection mold and molding. Because of injection mold industry, the world will be better and the life will be much better!

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Toys Testing Equipment

GESTER Toys Testing Equipment is used to determine the mechanical and physical properties of toys for children. Toys being any product or material designed or intended, whether or not exclusively, for use in play by children of less than 14 years. All of our products can be complied with standards of IS:9873, IS:15644,EN 71-1/2/8, ISO 8124, ASTM F963, and other require able standards can be customized according to customer demand.

Why choose us?

Competitive Quality:We focus on not only exterior painting, also branded part details, and provide CE, ISO 17025 certificate, which assure you long-term machine using.

Professional Technical Support:Provides a perfect pre-sale and after-sale service and technical support for all clients.
Quickly response within 24 hours by emails or videos to help you solve any problem.

Fast delivery:We have professional production line and stuff whom can make a nice quality in a short time.

Usually, within 3-25days is OK, which is based on the stock status.

What do we have?

Flammability Testing Equipment

Applies to finished products, stuffed toy and plush toy etc.

Products including Surface Flash Tester, Flammability Testing Nailed Fixture, Horizontal and Vertical Flame Chamber, Needle Flame Tester, Glow Wire Tester etc.

Swing and Slide Testing Equipment

This kind of machines are designed in accordance with EN 71-8 & ISO 8124-4, to determine the safety property of activity toys for domestic family use intended for children under 14 years to play on or in. Products includes swing, sliders, seesaws, carousels, rocking toys, climbing frames, fully enclosed toddler swing seats and other products intended to bear the mass of one or more children.

Sharp Edge Tester

In the child’s growth , toys just like their intimate partner. Parents are also happy to by all kinds of toys for their kids as it not only can bring child happiness but also develop their intelligence. With the growth of toys demand, toy safety has been the attention of all parents, it is also the important point we pay attention to.

Children’s toys and the metal edges of bicycles or other sharp parts may present or produce the risk of cutting the child, so there is a need for an improved testing tool for determining the presence of sharp edges harmful to human health and safety. Therefore, sharp edge test method is an important method in the detection of toys and children’s products.

What is the scope of the sharp edge tester? Glass toys or parts, toys on the edge of the collision, the toy drive device shell, cover all the hard material on the face (such as goggles, space helmet or welding mask), can bear children’s weight toys (such as toy cars , Skates, etc.)

Sharp Edge Tester Instrument features:

1. Metal case, to ensure the durability of the instrument.

2. Hand can press, foot to make the operation more convenient.

3. Special value of the photoelectric sensor indication function, can accurately ensure that the test force value is accurate.

Standards:EN 71-1,ASTM F963 ,16CFR 1500 ,ISO 8124-1,GB 6675-1

How to use the sharp edge tester?

GESTER Instrument Co., Ltd. gave you a test, the gummed paper is wound on the axle center, the to-be-tested edge of a sample is arranged above the axle center and is contacted with the gummed paper, the handle starting switch is then turned on, the motor starts to rotate so as to enable the axle center to rotate at one circle, the to-be-tested edge of the sample leaves a mark on the gummed paper, and the gummed paper is then taken down from the axle center and is checked; if more than 1/2 inch of the length of the gummed paper is scratched, the edge is a sharp edge, and the product is not qualified.

Welcome to view more, please visit our website: http://www.labtestingmachines.com.

ALN nanopowder for heat conductive

AlN is an atomic crystal, diamond-like nitride, stable up to 2200 ℃. High intention at room temperature, and the intensity decreases slowly with increasing temperature. Good thermal conductivity, thermal expansion coefficient is small, or electrical insulator, dielectric properties, good mechanical properties. It is widely for High temperature structural parts, thermal conductive materials and crucibles and casting mold materials.

High thermal conductivity (about 270W / m · K
Thermal expansion coefficient (4.5 × 10-6 ℃)

ALN nanopowder For thermal conductive use:

1, thermal silica and thermal conductivity of epoxy resin
Ultra-high thermal conductivity of nano AlN composite silicone has good thermal conductivity, good electrical insulation, a wide range of electrical insulation temperature (operating temperature -60 ℃ – 200 ℃), lower consistency and good construction performance. Products have reached or exceeded the imported products, because it can replace similar imported products and are widely used in electronic devices heat transfer medium, improve work efficiency. Such as CPU and radiator gap, high-power transistors, SCR components, diodes, and the substrate contact with the slit at the heat transfer medium. Nano thermal paste is filled IC or transistor and the gap between the heat sink, increasing the contact area between them, to achieve better heat dissipation.

2, the application of thermal plastic: Nano aluminum nitride powder can greatly improve the thermal conductivity of plastics. By adding 5-10% of the experimental product into the plastic, the thermal conductivity of the plastic can be increased from 0.3 to 5. Thermal conductivity increased more than 16 times. Compared to the current market thermal filler (alumina or oh magnesium oxide, etc.) with a low amount of added, the mechanical properties of products have improved the role of thermal conductivity to improve more obvious characteristics. At present, relevant application manufacturers have already purchased Nano AlN powder on a large scale.

Apart from Aluminum Nitride nanopowder, also BN, SiC, alpha Al2O3 ZnO nanopowder, etc are also applied for thermal conductive. In theory BN nanopowder and ALN nanopowder have higher thermal conductivity. We believe there are increasing market for thermal conductive nanopowder materials, and for the Aluminum Nitride nano powder for thermal conductive use.

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Application of nano zinc oxide in major industries

1 semiconductor industry

Zinc oxide is by far the hardest one in Group II-VI semiconductor materials, which means that zinc oxide can prevent the proliferation of other II-VI materials that are defective in their application to light emitting devices;

Zinc oxide as a UV detector has a very low dark current, the maximum response wavelength up to 350 nm;

Zinc oxide materials are transparent in the 0.4-2 μm wavelength range and have piezoelectric, optoelectronic and other effects, thus providing electrical, optical and acoustic devices such as light sources, detectors, modulators, optical waveguides, filters, and related circuitry Such as the possibility of monolithic integration. So has aroused the interest of many researchers.

2 rubber, plastic industry

Nanometer zinc oxide is the rubber industry’s most effective active agent and vulcanization accelerator. Nanometer zinc oxide powder has large specific surface area, small particles, good dispersibility, loose and porous, good fluidity and other physical and chemical characteristics. Therefore, it has good affinity with rubber, easy dispersion when melting, low heat generation of rubber compound, Broken deformation is small, good elasticity, improve the material properties and physical properties of the process for the manufacture of high-speed wear-resistant rubber products. Such as aircraft tires, limousine radial tires, with anti-aging, anti-friction ignition, long life and other advantages, substantially improve the rubber finish, mechanical strength, temperature and aging resistance, especially wear resistance.

In addition, zinc oxide as a rubber vulcanization system complete with additives, the higher the amount of filling, usually about 5 parts, due to large proportion of zinc oxide, a large amount of filling, the density of the rubber compound is very large, the Product life and energy consumption are negative, and the use of nano-zinc oxide, the amount of grade zinc oxide is only 30% -50%, reducing the production costs of enterprises, and in the tensile properties, heat, aging, etc. Are far better than ordinary zinc oxide.

Zinc oxide for the plastics industry, with the polymer material composite, with a strong bond between the substrate material, not only can improve the rigidity and hardness of the material, but also enhance the toughening effect. Due to the nano-ZnO shielding UV properties, the application of these materials can also improve the UV resistance.

3 ceramic industry

The extremely small particle size, large specific surface area and high chemical property of nano zinc oxide can significantly reduce the sintering density of the material, save energy, densify and homogenize the composition and structure of the ceramic material, improve the performance of the ceramic material, Improve the reliability of its use, can control the composition and structure of the material from the structural level of the nano-material, which is conducive to giving full play to the potential performance of the ceramic material,

In addition, since the size of the ceramic material determines the microstructure and macroscopic properties of the ceramic material, if the powder particles are uniformly packed, the sintering shrinkage and the crystal grains grow uniformly, the smaller the particles, the smaller the defects, The higher the strength of the prepared material, the more likely it is that some large particles do not have the unique properties.

4 cosmetics industry

In order to avoid excessive ultraviolet radiation on human skin damage, people have developed a variety of sunscreen skin care products. Early use of sunscreen skin care products more salicylic acid, amino acid, cinnamic acid, benzophenone and other organic UV inhibitors. The advantages of organic UV anti-UV sunscreen is high efficiency, but the sunscreen does not last long and stimulate the shortcomings of the skin.

In recent years, we have developed nano-zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, kaolin, talc and other inorganic anti-UV agent. Nano-zinc oxide UV absorption ability, UVA and UVB have a good shielding effect.

As an inorganic anti-UV agent, nano zinc oxide is non-toxic, odorless, non-irritating, non-decomposing, non-degenerating and has good thermal stability. Its safety is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and can be used as a sunscreen, makeup foundation and Lipstick and other raw materials.

5 catalyst industry

Due to its small size, large specific surface area and different bonding state between the surface and the particles, the nano-sized zinc oxide increases the contact surface and improves the catalytic efficiency. It is the first choice for chemical production enterprises to prepare chemical catalysts and desulfurization agents. Compared with ordinary oxidation Compared with zinc, zinc oxide has a larger specific surface area, and the number of atoms on the surface increases. As a result, more active catalytic sites are exposed, and the resulting catalysts are more active.

Nanometer zinc oxide used as desulfurizer is petroleum refining, ammonia, methanol, organic synthesis and chemical fiber and other industrial raw materials gas (oil) purifier, in addition can also be used as briquette, coking and flue gas desulfurization process.

Nano-ZnO for the removal of SO2 gas also has a good effect. Nano zinc oxide desulfurizer with wide temperature range, high purification, long life B sulfur C high capacity and other characteristics, the desulfurization reaction, the gas content of hydrogen sulfide can reach below 23%.

6 other fields

With the deepening of people’s understanding of the performance of nano zinc oxide, the scope of the application of nano-zinc oxide is constantly expanding, for example, the use of nano-zinc oxide in traditional coating technology can further improve the protective coating, making it UV-resistant Irradiation, resistance to atmospheric damage and degradation, discoloration and other functions;

The nano zinc oxide to a certain percentage added to the propionic acid coating, the system can be made with excellent antibacterial antibacterial nano-coating. Nanometer zinc oxide is very sensitive to the external environment (such as temperature, light, moisture, etc.), small changes in the external environment will quickly lead to changes in their surface ionic and electronic motion, which immediately led to significant changes in resistance. Using the sensitive nature of nano-ZnO, high-sensitivity gas alarms and hygrometers are produced.

To make a summary, nano-ZnO has become a new type of high-performance fine inorganic powder products for the 21st century. At present, researchers at home and abroad have developed various methods to prepare various forms of nano-zinc oxide products. Studies on nano-ZnO have been made A great progress has been made, but there are still some shortcomings in the preparation methods such as high cost, complex process and difficulty in industrialization.

In addition, the research on the structure and the application properties of nano ZnO has not been further studied. Therefore, the follow-up research focuses on the development of a simple, efficient and easy-to-manufacture method. The effect of the material structure on its optical, electrical, magnetic and acoustic performances is further studied. Applied technology research, with a view to give full play to the nano-size effect of materials in end products such as high-energy solar cells, photoreceivers, gas sensors and biosensors. With the improvement of nanometer zinc oxide production process, nanometer oxide industry application will enter a stage of rapid development.

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Gester Instruments Co.,LTD

Gester Instruments Co.,LTD is professionally engaged in production and R&D of physical properties testing equipment. With nearly 20 years experience in research and development,we specialize in providing the total solutions of Toys and Baby Stuff, Children Bed & Bicycle and Furniture Testing Equipment.

Our main products include:

1. Furniture Testing Equipment

Included: Chair Tester, Desk Tester, Mattress Tester, Luggage & Suitcase Tester.

2. Children Products Testing Equipment

Included: Toys Tester, Baby carrier Tester, Baby Stroller Tester.

3. Universal Testing Machines

Included: Temperature & Humidity Chamber, Salt Spray Tester and Tensile Strength Testing Machine.

GESTER is ISO 9001 certified, we has became the SGS audited supplier and cooperate with many International Standard Organizations. As the customers requirements, we can offer the CE, ISO 17025, CNAS Calibration Certificates and so on. We’ve built the long-term relationship with the large international third party giants, such as SGS , BV, TUV and Intertek. Also, we have passed the supplier audit of Apple in the United States,BATA , IKEA and become their testers supplier. Excellence in quality and top-grade after sales service helps GESTER been recognized by our customers.

Toy Safety Testing

With the steady growth of the world economy, consumer demands of toy products are increasing rapidly. Based on the original intention of health and safety, countries or regions around the world have established strict standards for toy control, and constantly updated and refined. Toy safety problems are constantly happening and the relevant laws and regulations of the sanctions are increasingly severe,which bring great challenges to toy manufacturers, importers and retailers.In order to ensure the safety of toys, different areas have different safety standards,in which European standards is considered as a wider range of applications, it needs to pass the strict EN standard testing,no exception for toys. Several of the most commonly used toy safety test are: torque test, drop test, impact test, Compression Test.

(First Part)

Torque Test: Torque test steps: apply clockwise torque force on the component in 5 seconds , twist to 180 ° or 0.34Nm, hold for 10 seconds and then return the parts to the relaxed state, counterclockwise repeat above process. Less than or equal to 6 mm, a force of 50 N + 2N is applied, and if the size of the maximum protruding part is larger than 6 mm, a force of 90 N + 2N is applied.Put on pounds in 5 seconds and keep for 10 seconds.

toy torque test

Judgment criteria: toys designed for small children who can’t sit up alone should not be cracked,if the crack does not cause damage obviously,it is acceptable.Toys designed for children under 3 years should not produce small parts, contactable sharp point and sharp edge. Masks and helmets should not have exposed cusps, edges, or loose materials that can enter the eye. Oral toys and toys used in the water should not produce small parts.

Equipment: Large Torque Fixture, Middle Torque Fixture, Small Torque Fixture, Torque Gauge

Standards: ISO 8124-1, GB 6675-2, EN71-1, ASTM F963, 16CFR 1500

Plastic Injection Molding Parts Shipment

PTMS always arrange some plastic injection parts shipment by 40 foot container, many 20170921214521_75907customers like to work with our company, because we can provide them good quality and reasonable price, also we give perfect service to our customers.

Our injection molding machines can run all types of resins from commodity to engineered grades, high temperature to filled materials, we only work with high quality plastic resin suppliers in the industry and confuse normal bad plastic resin so our plastic resin we used is 100% qualified, the plastic resin as below:


Engineering Resin: PP+GF, PPO, PPS, POM, POM+GF, PBT, PBT+GF, Nylon, Nylon+GF

Soft Resin: PVC, TPE, TPR, TPU, Silicone

Over-molding Resin: ABS-TPE, TPR, PC-TPE, TPR PC+ABS-TPE Nylon-TPE,TPR

We also request the suppliers to provide us certifications which include ISO, ROHS, and others. We can show them to customers for check. All the materials we use are 100% brand new because high quality product is our company’s life.

If you want to find a reliable plastic injection molding partner, but you do not know how we can make, please send us RFQ for check, we will study and give you valuable solution. Please visit our website ptms-mold.com.

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The structure and the advantage of the new style drum track

The traditional drum track is with solid structure. It is very heavy, weighting about 250kgs. And it will be bigger when the concrete mixer drum capacity is larger. Because the track with solid structure is lack of the deformability, the welded track onto the drum often snaps when using for some time. If only reducing the sectional dimension of the track ring to reduce its weight, the rigidity of the track will be decreased a lot that it cannot bear the weight of the drum. So it is a big challenge for the engineer to reduce the weight of the drum track.

The new style track of TOPIVOT is with hollow structure. It can reduce the weight and the production cost of the track.

The hollow drum track ring is produced by entirely ring rolling. In the meanwhile, increasing the forging pressure, then by the process of repeatedly heating-blank making-post forming, so it can ensure the compactness of the structural constituent after forging. We use the special mold to make the hollow part by roll forging. Because the track is formed by repeatedly heating, the quality is much better than the traditional one.

When design the hollow structure track, the actual using conditions should be considered. When the mixer drum is full loaded, the center of gravity will move forward to the drum head. So the small side thickness of the track should be 3 to 5 mm more than the big side thickness to ensure the support stiffness for the full loading condition. And the height of the outside of the track is the same as before, so it will not influence the integral rigidity of the track.

Comparing with the traditional track, the hollow track ring has the following advantages:

1.     The weight of the track can be reduced by 20%, about 30 or 40kgs. The cost can be reduced about by 15%.

2.     Hollow structure can absorb some welding stress when the track is welded with the mixer barrel.

3.     When welding the track with the mixer drum, because the contact surface is reduced, the positioning is easier.

4.     Because of the hollow structure, if the track needs to be replaced, the drum track can be disassembled only by using the gas cutting and blowing the welding in the drum’s axial direction. But the traditional solid structure track doesn’t have the space for blowing and it’s difficult to be disassembled.

5.     The hollow part of the drum track doesn’t have to be finish machining. It means that the finish machining surface of the drum track is reduced so as to reduce the machining time and increase the production efficiency.

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