What Kind of Thermal Receipt Printer Should I Buy?

When choosing a thermal receipt printer, you always pay for the functions you need for every company has its customized.So before buying,make it clear that what the requirements exactly are.

1. What printers are compatible with your POS software?

2. What kind of interface you need?

3. How much voltage do you need?

4. Whether you need an auto-cutter.

5. Do you have environmental restrictions?

6. Paper width are very important.

7. Printing speed. The faster the better, and make sure that it prints steadily and
clearly at the same time.

8. High using reliability. The receipt printer usually does long time work, therefore, high reliability makes it work smoothly.

9. Printing head are consumables. Good quality printing head save maintaining fee.

10. After sale customer service, the expertise to empower your business – Cashino Business Solutions.

In a word, to find the excellent quality thermal receipt printer, Cashino is your best choice, we will never let you down. Our main products are mini mobile printer,thermal panel printer,POS ticket printer, kiosk printer, etc. Our contact information is below, please feel free to contact us.

Tel: 0086-592-5517253
Mobile: 0086-15980969182
Email: sales@csntek.com


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