The Puzzles Of Small Profits

  1. There is a risk of small profits

Some customers, he will tell you directly to him 20% discount after you sending price sheet. But you know that China’s manufacturing industry is really very rare to do this profit, in fact, it is very low I know some of the industry, such as making fans, their profits are really very thin, even thin to the exchange rate where there is little fluctuation, for them are fatal.

I know that there is a very large factory suddenly drained, he told me that his price is lower than his peers This is the fan industry in terms of the industry can not imagine, because it is entirely a loss of business: the market bigger, every customer is the next, and then to the loan, to finance. But one day suddenly a link is a problem; the whole building may collapse on an instant.

  1. High prices will always defeat the low price

I found a lot of small factories that do not have the ability to take orders independently, and they tend to choose low-cost tapping this way to minimize profits. But in fact is always a high price to defeat the low price, cheap can not beat the high price. Because you do not have enough profit, some customers do not pursue a high status, but I must have. Because when you do their own profits are gone, then you do not have more in-depth development or sustainable development of space.

  1. You said it was a dark horse, I said it was professional

Many of our suppliers, including peers will feel very strange, that from where to kill such a dark horse, never said before, why a short span of two or three years suddenly rushed out. In fact, we have been in this industry for a long time, almost a decade.

In fact, for us, roller shutter motor we have been doing, all the way to do down, so cooked can not be cooked again. Although we did not do this factory before, but because we are familiar with this product, familiar with the market, know which market has some big customers, know what kind of market to get, what degree of market acceptance, the price can be sold to the number and many more.

  1. Anti-risk: a profit, two to the market

For us, we will choose a more conservative way. First of all, I have to ask each order to be profitable; secondly, to make the whole market more extensive.

On the one hand is to control this risk, on the one hand is to try to make your market bigger, wide, so you can avoid it by a particular market impact too much.

  1. In the industry to make word of mouth, you succeeded

In fact, when you do in rolling door motor industry for a long time, especially as we are a relatively small circle, sometimes do not need you to tell the customer what, he asked you have done with whom, and even he does not need you to send the door motor samples. In fact, our products are definitely to send samples, not you can look at it, he wants to test performance, to see if you have no certification, of course, we will do all of these certification in front. That is to say, the product to a certain extent, in fact, is a kind of your reputation.

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