What Kind of Thermal Receipt Printer Should I Buy?

When choosing a thermal receipt printer, you always pay for the functions you need for every company has its customized.So before buying,make it clear that what the requirements exactly are.

1. What printers are compatible with your POS software?

2. What kind of interface you need?

3. How much voltage do you need?

4. Whether you need an auto-cutter.

5. Do you have environmental restrictions?

6. Paper width are very important.

7. Printing speed. The faster the better, and make sure that it prints steadily and
clearly at the same time.

8. High using reliability. The receipt printer usually does long time work, therefore, high reliability makes it work smoothly.

9. Printing head are consumables. Good quality printing head save maintaining fee.

10. After sale customer service, the expertise to empower your business – Cashino Business Solutions.

In a word, to find the excellent quality thermal receipt printer, Cashino is your best choice, we will never let you down. Our main products are mini mobile printer,thermal panel printer,POS ticket printer, kiosk printer, etc. Our contact information is below, please feel free to contact us.

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Particular features of our 2017 latest home vacuum sealer for your best option

Particular features of our 2017 latest home vacuum sealer for your best option

Frankly speaking, if your cash is most likely difficult to earn, you may want to find out which will satisfy you the most. In that case, you need to notice a few things, which are, the drip tray, the design and size and food protection settings.

Drip Tray

One problem that most people often face is that it is rather hard and messy to clean the food vacuum sealer. Taking that into account, one experience here is to choose a household vacuum sealer that features a drip tray that can be easily removed. This willensure that the food vacuum sealer will not become dirty or messy while you are cleaning the drip tray.

Design and Size

Nowdays, people always look for something that is easy to carry and handle. With that being said, you had better spend your money on a home vacuum sealer that has a compact size and design. In this case, our latest best-m009 economical vacuum sealer should prove to be the most preferable alternatives.

Food Protection Settings

There is no use in choosing a food vacuum sealing product if the product does not come with adequate settings for protecting the food. Fortunately, that is not the case with our latest best-m009 household vacuum sealer for household . With this latest home appliance in particular, you will be able to choose between dry and moist settings to obtain the most optimum protection for the food you want to preserve.


Considering all the specifications you have seen above, it is obvious that our latest food vacuum sealer best-m009 is one of the best options. It comes at an affordable price and nearly all the functions that you may ever need from a vacuum sealer product.

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Introduction to Polarity Methods for MTP/MPO Systems

It is important to ensure that the optical transmitter at one end is connected to the optical receiver at the other in any installation. This matching of the transmit signal to the receiving equipment at both ends of the fiber optic link is referred to as polarity. For traditional cabling systems using single fiber connectors, such as SC or LC, Keeping the polarity simple is to ensure that one connector has one side, one pair of matching B side, and the other connector on any incoming line or permanent link. But for the high-density MTP/MPO array connectivity systems, it has their own requirements for maintaining proper polarity. Now Sinda will illustrate the methods for maintaining polarity in pre-terminated MTP systems.

MTP/MPO Array Connector Structure

Array connectors terminate multiple fibers in a single high-density interface. There are 4, 6, 8, and 12-fiber array connectors. And the most common are 12-fiber array connectors. As shown in the following picture, array connectors are pin and socket connectors, there are a male side and a female side. As well as, each MTP connector has a key on one side of the connector body. When the key sits on top, this is referred to as the key up position. In this orientation, each of fiber holes in the connector is numbered in sequence from left to right. We will refer to these connector holes as positions, or P1, P2, etc. In addition, each connector adds a white dot to the connector body so that the connector’s location 1 is specified when the connector is inserted.


Three Polarity Methods for MTP/MPO Systems

Three different ways for maintaining polarity in pre-terminated MTP systems are defined in TIA/EIA-568-B.1-7. These three ways define installation and polarity management practices and provide guidance in the deployment of these types of fiber array links. Once you choose one way, These practices must be in place to ensure that the correct signals are delivered throughout the installation.

Method A

Method A employs “key up to key down” adapters to connect the array connectors. As shown below, this method maintains registration of Fiber 1 throughout the optical circuit. The optical fiber 1 in the proximal box matches the optical fiber 1 in the relay component that is matched with the fiber 1 in the relay box. Optical fiber circuits are accomplished by using a flipped jumper at the beginning or end of the permanent link to ensure that the transceiver is in the right direction.


Method A provides the simplest deployment and works for single-mode and multimode channels, as well as can easily support network extensions.

Method B

Method B uses “key up to key up” adapter. An optical fiber circuit is accomplished by using a direct patch at the beginning and end of the link, and all array connectors match the key up key”. MThis type of array mating results in an inversion, meaning that Fiber 1 is mated with Fiber 12, Fiber 2 is mated with Fiber 11, etc., to ensure that the appropriate configuration of transceiver operation, a box must be inserted into the internal fiber optical fiber link with 1 at the end of 12.


Method C

Method C uses “key up to key down” adapters. The fiber circuit is completed by utilizing straight patch cords at the beginning and end of the link, and the same cassettes as in Method A. The difference between this method and Method A is that the flip does not happen in the end patch cords but in the array cable itself.


Sinda can offer MTP/MPO Connectors and patch cord at best price with high quality. If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact us, it will be our pleasure to sever you.

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The Puzzles Of Small Profits

  1. There is a risk of small profits

Some customers, he will tell you directly to him 20% discount after you sending price sheet. But you know that China’s manufacturing industry is really very rare to do this profit, in fact, it is very low I know some of the industry, such as making fans, their profits are really very thin, even thin to the exchange rate where there is little fluctuation, for them are fatal.

I know that there is a very large factory suddenly drained, he told me that his price is lower than his peers This is the fan industry in terms of the industry can not imagine, because it is entirely a loss of business: the market bigger, every customer is the next, and then to the loan, to finance. But one day suddenly a link is a problem; the whole building may collapse on an instant.

  1. High prices will always defeat the low price

I found a lot of small factories that do not have the ability to take orders independently, and they tend to choose low-cost tapping this way to minimize profits. But in fact is always a high price to defeat the low price, cheap can not beat the high price. Because you do not have enough profit, some customers do not pursue a high status, but I must have. Because when you do their own profits are gone, then you do not have more in-depth development or sustainable development of space.

  1. You said it was a dark horse, I said it was professional

Many of our suppliers, including peers will feel very strange, that from where to kill such a dark horse, never said before, why a short span of two or three years suddenly rushed out. In fact, we have been in this industry for a long time, almost a decade.

In fact, for us, roller shutter motor we have been doing, all the way to do down, so cooked can not be cooked again. Although we did not do this factory before, but because we are familiar with this product, familiar with the market, know which market has some big customers, know what kind of market to get, what degree of market acceptance, the price can be sold to the number and many more.

  1. Anti-risk: a profit, two to the market

For us, we will choose a more conservative way. First of all, I have to ask each order to be profitable; secondly, to make the whole market more extensive.

On the one hand is to control this risk, on the one hand is to try to make your market bigger, wide, so you can avoid it by a particular market impact too much.

  1. In the industry to make word of mouth, you succeeded

In fact, when you do in rolling door motor industry for a long time, especially as we are a relatively small circle, sometimes do not need you to tell the customer what, he asked you have done with whom, and even he does not need you to send the door motor samples. In fact, our products are definitely to send samples, not you can look at it, he wants to test performance, to see if you have no certification, of course, we will do all of these certification in front. That is to say, the product to a certain extent, in fact, is a kind of your reputation.

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Why Is Stormwater Management Important? Why Should It Be Incentivized?

During a heavy rainfall, impervious surfaces such as parking lots, rooftops, and roads do not allow rainwater to be absorbed into the soil, resulting in large amounts of water traveling directly into our waterways. Stormwater runoff quickly becomes contaminated with pollutants, oil, garbage, and debris which is transported directly to our watersheds. In the District of Columbia, 43% of the land is made up of impervious surfaces which creates huge surges of water during heavy storms that not only contaminate local water sources but can also cause the erosion of stream banks over time.


In order to prevent this massive surge of polluted water from entering our streams and rivers,GS Rainwater Harvesting Tank strive to increase the amount of permeable land that can absorb rainwater or to harvest and store the water before it becomes runoff. There are a number of rainwater management systems, including modular rainwater harvesting tank, green roofs, rain gardens, and permeable pavement. Rainwater harvesting systems allow rainwater to be collected and stored for non-drinking purposes such as toilet flushing, irrigation, cooling tower makeup water, and wash-bay water.

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LOPO Project – Zhoushan City National Fitness Center

March 22 morning, Zhoushan City National Fitness Center officially opened. Director of the Sports Bureau of Zhoushan City Du Zhili, Zhoushan Cultural and television press bureau (Sports Bureau) Director Wang Jun Tao attended the opening ceremony.


Zhoushan City National Fitness Center is located in Dinghai District Donghai East Road, which is the core area of Dinghai District. Before 2006, there is only one indoor gymnasium and outdoor stadium, people affectionately name it the “light stadium.” With the improvement of public fitness needs, Zhoushan City Sports Bureau launched a national fitness center construction, in order to provide more convenience to the people, and decided to take the original site reconstruction. After 8 years, a modern fitness center came out.


According to Zhoushan City National Fitness Center Director Yu Yuehui’s introduction, the total investment for the center is more than 20 million yuan. Zhoushan City is the first in accordance with national standards for the construction of modern sports fitness comprehensive museum. The building area is 6,000 square meters, from 3rd floor to 5th floor there are specific area for basketball, volleyball, badminton, squash, tennis, swimming, wrestling and other activities venues, which will be used to carry out games, sports competitions, performances and other activities.

The facade wall decoration material was supplied by LOPO, which includes natural plain surface panel/ grooved surface, irregular surface ceramic plate and baguettes.

Item No.: F4630884 FG4535884 FG4135632 FG4180632

T50150884 T5050884 TS1063884 TS35663884 T100100884

Size: 400*3, 530*30, 460*30, 450*35, 410*80, 50*50, 100*100, 50*150, 38*106

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Global Karaoke Machines Market Research Report 2017

As for the global karaoke machines industry, the industry structure is relatively concentrated. The top three manufacturers have 36.51% sales market share in 2016. Daiichikosho, which has 12.68% market share in 2016, is the leader in the Karaoke Machines industry. The manufacturers following Daiichikosho are Pioneer and Singing Machine, which respectively has 7.19% and 7.36% market share market. The Daiichikosho is the leader of Japan Karaoke Machines industry. It sells a total of 201.13 million dollar Karaoke Machines products in the year of 2016.

Karaoke Machines Research report 2017 studies Karaoke Machines in Global market, especially in North America, Europe, China, Japan, South Korea and India, focuses on top manufacturers in global market, with production(K Units), price(USD/Units), revenue(M USD) and market share for each manufacturer, covering




TJ Media

Singing Machine

Ion Audio




RSQ Autio




Market Segment by Regions, this report splits Global into several key Regions, with production, consumption, revenue, market share and growth rate of Karaoke Machines in these regions, from 2012 to 2022 (forecast), like

North America




South Korea

Split by Product Types, with production, revenue, price, market share and growth rate of each type, can be divided into

Fixed System

Portable System

Split by applications, this report focuses on consumption, market share and growth rate of Karaoke Machines in each application, can be divided into


For Venue (Bar/Restaurant/KTV)


First, as for the global karaoke machines industry, the industry structure is relatively concentrated. The top three manufacturers have 36.51% sales market share in 2016. Daiichikosho, which has 12.68% market share in 2016, is the leader in the Karaoke Machines industry. The manufacturers following Daiichikosho are Pioneer and Singing Machine, which respectively has 7.19% and 7.36% market share market. The Daiichikosho is the leader of Japan Karaoke Machines industry. It sells a total of 201.13 million dollar Karaoke Machines products in the year of 2016.

Second, the global consumption of karaoke machines products rises up from about 996 K Units in 2012 to 1230 K Units in 2016, with an average annual growth rate of 5.41%. At the same time, the revenue of global karaoke machines sales market has a leap from about 390 Million Dollars to 409 Million Dollars.

Third, as for the Chinese karaoke machines market, it has been in the rapidly increasing period, and technological trends in the market will shift dramatically. Integration of detectors into the smart home will be an opportunity for installers in this market, such as integration with home energy management systems.

Fourth, market growth for karaoke machines is expected to growth at a CAGR of 4.12% from 2016-2022, reaching 521 Million USD by 2022.

Finally, although sales of Karaoke Machines products bring a lot of opportunities, the study group recommends the new entrants who just have money but without technical advantage, raw materials advantage and downstream support, do not enter into the karaoke machines field hastily.

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Congshine Stainless Steel Angle

Congshine 304 and 304L Stainless steel angle is a hot rolled stainless steel angle with inside radius corners. It is the best choice for structural applications with greater strength and superior corrosion resistance. And the other product is 316 stainless steel angle. It belongs to an austenitic chromium nickel stainless steel . It contains molybdenum for superior corrosion resistance. Compared to 304 stainless steel angle, it increases strength with elevated temperatures process. It is well known as a food grade stainless steel equipment in kitchen and marine grade with vessel or port equipment in salt environment for applications. Our 316 stainless steel material like 202 stainless steel flat bar application includes food production, pharmaceutical equipment, furnace parts, heat exchangers, valves and pumps, chemical equipment.

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