Glass Message Board for Hospital

Hospital glass message board is helping to improve patient communication and satisfaction with hospital. Blessing Glass Message Board is a kind of printed dry erase board made of electronic tempered glass, which strength is 6 to 7 times of normal glass. The printed information template on glass dry erase board could be customized.You are allow to customized any sizes within 1.2M width, 4M Length and 770 colors are available for printed dry erase board.

Glass Message Board Dry Erase Boards provide an easy way to communicate between nurse and their patients and families. Tempered safety glass is ideal for use in any environment without leaving any stainning and ghosting. Glass provides smooth writability and erasability with modern and smart style. Hidden mounting brackets keep clean lines and make the board easy to use.

The stainning free and never-ghosting glass message board could be used forever in hospital. It helps hospital save costs of regularly buying a new traditional message board to replace the old ghosting traditional dry erase board.

Not only a glass message board is suitable for hospital, but also a glass whiteboard will be best for hospital presentation and meeting. And some health knowledge could also be printed on glass board for a good publicity to keep forever.

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Intelligent Control System for LED Street Lighting

1. Background

1)Intelligent LED street lighting control system, is based on ZigBee, GPRS, WSN and other advanced wireless Internet technology, using a unified monitoring platform, combined with GIS geographic information system, without changing the lighting, without increasing the wiring , can control LED street  lights remotely. Combine with switches, dimming, monitoring, alarm and other single-lamp control, loop control and scene lighting control functions, to make the LED street lighting more energy-saving, more easy to control and intelligent.

2)The problems of LED street lamp project at present.
a) Control method is behind the times
At present, most all street lighting project adopt the time control and centralized control, and the remote control and intelligent control can not be realized when the seasons and the environment change.
b) Low level of information technology
In the management task increase largely everyday, but management manpower can not be unlimited increase, we need to improve the level of information management.
c) seriously waste of electrical energy
Can not light according to certain situation and time, wast lots of energy.
d) Operate and maintenance difficulties
Huge inspection and vehicle cost, difficult to maintenance, can not monitor the cables in case of stolen from thieves.

2. Intelligent LED street lighting control system components
LED street lights: compatible ZigBee, DALI, 0-10V system

Single lamp controller

Centralized manager

Application software

3. System functions
1)Remote switch on/off: can remotely control any one set, groups, lines of LED street lighting.
2)Remote dimming: can remotely apply dimming application to any one set, groups or lines of LED street lights;
3)Status monitor: can always check the street lamp switch state, brightness, current, voltage, power and other data;
4)Automatic inspection: the system has the function of automatic inspection, to replace the manual inspection;
5)Automatic operation: the system can automatically set up a good lighting strategy, can achieve the timing switch lights, sub-time dimming;
6)Scene lighting: can be customized to set any partition, group, time and compartment lights illuminate
7)Fault alarm: malfunction alarm, fault detection, fault handling tracking function;
8)Remote reading: auotomatically detect the consume of electricity cost per light ;
9)Data report: daily, monthly and annual statistics of power consumption, energy saving rate and other data, and generate related statements;
10)History records: can save at least one year of operating history, can be traced back to the operation error problems;
11)System display: can display the system structure and related important information;
12)Equipment management: can manage single lamp controller, centralized manager and other equipment, including entry, modify, delete, query and other functions;
13)Hierarchical permissions: different levels of users can set up different management areas and operating permissions;
14)Map function: system can integrate GIS geographic information system, can view and manage any one LED street lights on the map;
15)Scalability: The system uses B / S structure, providing open interface, with access to intelligent city platform.

4. System advantage

1)More energy-saving: reduce energy waste, effectively save electricity, while reducing carbon emissions, protect the environment.
3)Intelligent control: to achieve a remote control, intelligent control, on-demand lighting.
3)Information management: manage all the led street lights through system, can record the data, statistics, analysis.
4)Efficient operation and maintenance: automatic inspection instead of the traditional manual inspection, saving a lot of manpower and other resources.
5)Improve the lighting rate: the system can be real-time monitoring of lamp operating status, timely control of fault lighting information.
6)Extend the lamp life: on-demand lighting not only can keep energy saving, but also can extend the life of the lamp.
7)Maintain safe society: reduce traffic accidents caused by lighting failure and various social security accidents.
8)Construction of smart city: the system can be connected to the smart city cloud platform, assistance smart city construction.

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Baosteel/ Wisco Restructuring Reduce Excess Capacity Of Nearly 10 Million Tons

This is Congshine one leader of stainless steel supply in China. Our stainless steel angle and stainless steel sheet are welcome in the world with quality and our service. Now let us share latest Chinese steel news with you.

9th March,Twelfth session of the fifth meeting of the National People’s Congress news center held a press conference . Direct of the state-owned assets supervision and administration commission of the state council Mr Xiao answered questions from Chinese and foreign journalists on “The reform of state-owned enterprises” issues. Deputy director of the sasac Zhang Xiwu said a broader range of layout of the production capacity is fromed and considered after the reorganization of Baosteel and Wisco. It reduced the repetitive construction and investment greatly. Excess capacity of nearly 10 million tons will be reduced after reorganization.

According to above news, Cong Shine beliver China stainless steel will be advantage more and more compared to others countries. It means China government decide to improve steel production quality from the industry source. For example, prime 304 stainless steel tube will be produced from the choosing factory and billet steel. The Secondary material like stainless steel scrap won’t be used again in some small mills. Intermediate frequency furnace will be eliminated complately.

As one major stainless steel supply, we will contiue to keep advantage with upated govement policy for all clients. We believer more and more clients will choose cong shine due to our reputation on service and quality.

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Global Rotary Angle Sensors Market Professional Survey Report 2017

Rotary Angle Sensors are electromechanical devices produce analog output between 0 and Vcc (5V DC with Seeeduino) on its D1 connector.  It can be used for sensing in myriad applications — on motors paired with drives and automated machinery for everything from elevators, consumer electronics, and conveyor speed monitoring to position control on automated industrial machines and robotics. One of the benefits is that it can track the turning of motor shafts to generate digital position and motion information. In other words, it can offer industrial applications, incremental encoders (used when only relative position is needed, or cost an issue).

Global Rotary Angle Sensors Market Professional Survey Report 2017 studies Rotary Angle Sensors in Global market, especially in North America, China, Europe, Southeast Asia, Japan and India, with production, revenue, consumption, import and export in these regions, from 2012 to 2016, and forecast to 2022. It will show you top manufacturers in global market, with production, price, revenue and market share for each manufacturer. For types, the market can be split into optical rotary encoder, magnetic rotary encoder as well as mechanical rotary encoder and capacitive rotary encoder.

In Global Rotary Angle Sensors Market Professional Survey Report 2017, application can be split into automotive,aerospace,  electronics, healthcare and other. In automotive applications,  rotary angle sensors is usedfor steering system angle detection, accelerator pedals and throttle valves to improve vehicle operability and safety. In order to  improve the characteristics of sensor elements on silicon

substrates, there is a native-substrate MAGFET used in rotary angle sensors, which enhance the magnetic sensitivity of the sensor elements. It is said that rotary angle sensors are valued at USD 3.89 Billion in 2015 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.1% during the forecast period.  The growth of this market is driving because of rapidly growing use of linear and rotary position sensors in the automotive industry.

Rotary angle sensors plays an important role in ensuring safety and proper working as a major driver for the market.  Global Rotary Angle Sensors Market Professional Survey Report 2017 provides a comprehensive evaluation of the market. It shows you in-depth qualitative insights, historical data, and verifiable projections about market size. Furthermore, it covers similar technological products and there are many choices for the buyers to buy from. According to the news, the largest industrial automation market lies in Germany, a nation that is anticipated to maintain the leading position during the forecast period.

Global rotary angle sensors market is poised to grow at a substantial rate during the forecast period DUE TO the growing economy across the globe. And it will acquire a share of 23.8% in the global market. Meanwhile, Asia market  will witness a strong growth over the forecast period, owing to the increasing demand for voice technology in the IoT applications.

Anyway, Professional Global Rotary Angle Sensors Market Report 2017 plays an important role in helping you make right decision in your business strategies and development.

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IPL Machine Can be Used for Skin Rejuvenation

Every person on the planet wants their personality to become even though it raises you to achieve society. People Consumers give more focus on their prospects to attain their preferred goal. IPL machines have been in great demand due to its versatile nature. IPL machines would be the most respected cosmetic treatments in the current scenario. This machine not just offers an incredible facial complexion, but additionally a less invasive and efficient solution for skin improvement. IPL or Intensive Pulse Light Machine is definitely a CE Medical approved patented treatment form that utilizes broad spectrum light emissions which are effective and safe for the look of your skin. IPL machines in China are utilized to treat various skin issues that include veins, undesirable birthmarks, vascular lesions, freckles, acne, anti-aging, stretchmarks and undesirable hair. This machine nowadays turns into a more broadly used choice.

The benefit of using IPL Machine:
Slips easily to your busy and hectic schedule and delivers excellent results without undergoing intensive surgery.
Helps you to remove red spots, liver spots and scars, eliminate wrinkles and improve smooth and quality skin texture. Additionally, it treats melasma, age and sunspots, veins, laser hair removal along with other conditions.

Treating natural splendor makes people are afflicted by discomfort, skin irritation, skin burns, red spots, and so forth. The IPL machine also referred to as flash lamp therapy used is a in addition to painless treatment safe for that skin. This machine may be used in salons also of any size. Within this machine, filters are utilized to release energy from the source. The filter within this machine can be used to filter the undesirable Ultra violet waves and enables the only wave length from the light range from 400nm and 1200nm. There are numerous suppliers of IPL machines from can be bought the device and obtain super look.

So how exactly does the IPL machine remove hair?
IPL functions as a flash lamp by delivering the scattered wave length of sunshine. It take advantage of the filtered flash lamp to confess intense lasers, IPL machines are channeled with the surface of the skin layer to focus on undesirable hair present onto the skin. This machine either destroys or completely dissolves the dead skin cells, melanin along with other undesirable hair. This machine is totally safe and surrounding cell remains intact to ensure that no damage is caused towards the skin. IPL machine also promotes the development from the new cell so the looks from the more youthful and much more recent skin.

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