Higher level of performance on metals. The metal rfid tag has a remarkable cost-effective. High-intensity bonding applicable to poor working conditions. Special design makes the ability to read tags with a long-distance. The RFID tags can be used for industrial manufacturing warehousing management,large equipment administration and automobile component administration.

When you’re mounting RFID tags on metal surfaces or metal products, you should be aware that if you use non metal mount RFID tags, your system will not function as desired as the metal will detune any passive RFID tag that is not designed to be placed on metal. Using tags that are specifically calibrated to the materials you need to track makes reading, tracking, and inventorying them easier and provides for greater read range. Metal mount RFID tags are typically rugged, difficult to damage, and easy to weld, screw or otherwise attach.
Mounting or embedding RFID tags on metal is a tricky proposition for the uninformed, and the informed for that matter. Metal surfaces reflect energy emitted from RFID readers and create interference for RFID tag antennas, which means the tag isn’t able to receive power and transmit information; however, specific RFID tags will work around metal surfaces. RFID companies have patented technology that allows RFID to work when attached to metal surfaces and even embedded within metal products. As long as you choose the correct RFID equipment for your situation and application, you won’t need to worry about interference from metal.

Since the employment of metal mount RFID tags vary greatly across different industries, manufacturers provide tags suitable for the environments of your applications. Each style of on-metal tag has a unique method of attachment.

Hard Tags
Hard tags give you the greatest variety of options for affixing the tag to a metal surface. For instance, the Confidex Ironside tag can be welded to a surface ensuring a more permanent hold. The Ironside tag, along with most other RFID hard tags, can also be affixed to surfaces with screws, pop rivets, and industrial adhesives.

Printable & Flexible Tags
Flexible RFID Tag, If you need printable RFID tags that work with metal, a few manufacturers offer tags that attach directly to metal surfaces with adhesive. Several of these tags feature a paper face, so you can print private logos, product information, or scannable barcodes directly on the label. If you need a paper label RFID tag that can still withstand harsh environments, Metal Tag offers flexible RFID tags allowing them to adhere to curved surfaces. Also, Omni-ID offers a line of flexible tags allowing you to adapt your RFID system around your needs.

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